Field Analysis

Workshop Discussion .Please, answer all the questionsWeek 7 Prompts•Take the self-assessment for ”assess your capabilities” on page 445-447.  And reflect on the results.  Do you agree with the findings? Why or why not? •Choose one organization you’re familiar with and assess whether these organizations face a calm waters or white-water rapids change environment.  Describe the organization and your assessment of the change environment it faces.•Reflect on a significant change you’ve experienced/ are experiencing in your life. Complete a force field analysis for the changewhat were the driving forces and resisting forces?What weights would you assign to those forces?If this situation was in the past, did you end up actually changing fully, or resist the change in part?  Why?If this is a situation you are currently facing, does this analysis help with your decision? If resisting forces are stronger than driving forces, what can you do to diminish the strength of the resisting forces?What could you (or someone else)do / have done differently to improve the change process?(here is a good resource for more information on putting your own force field analysis together: (Links to an external site.) )

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