Financing the Healthcare System

Find an article dated within the past 12 months that deals with an issue.These include types of systems, major forces affecting healthcare, determinants of health, health professions and technology. Read through the full assignment and choose a sufficiently robust article to generate answers to all of the questions. Address the questions in paragraph form. Write a 3-5-page paper. Separate title and reference pages are not required, but be sure to put the title of the assignment, your name and the date first on a line at the top. Put the article reference at the bottom of the last page. All other APA and Cambridge College writing guidelines apply including double spacing. Read the assignment and the rubric to insure maximum points. • Summarize the article very briefly. • Based on our reading and class work to date, answer the following in paragraph format: o Describe how the article topic relates to our subject matter to date. o What has changed since our book text was published? o What will the ultimate impact on health be for either all healthcare consumers or a specific type of consumer? o Does the topic in the article have any current or potential impact on you specific healthcare field or profession? • Summarize your paper in a paragraph that logically pulls your ideas together.

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