Flexible Labour Market

Write an article on Flexible Labour Market in the United Kindom. It needs to be at least 1750 words. A controversial phenomenon in the labour market was the Sex Discrimination Act of 1975, which was not clear on how employment discrimination related to gender could “not be justifiable” (Reeves 2000).The employment pattern in Britain is however different today. With over 70 per cent of the population in the United Kingdom classified as being in work, there has been a notable trend of movement towards part-time employment from full-time employment (Mabey, Salaman, & Storey 1998). Worth noting is the fact that the number of women in employment is steadily increasing. For instance, women accounted for just over half all part-time employment in 1998 (Mabey, Salaman, & Storey 1998). Moreover, it was estimated that in the same year 45 per cent of women in the United Kingdom were in part-time employment as compared to 8 per cent of men. Additionally, the flexibility of the labour market in the United Kingdom allows people to have more than one job. For example, nearly 1.3 million people had two or more jobs by 1998 (Mabey, Salaman, & Storey 1998)Although changes in the labour market in the United Kingdom have been towards a more open and non-discriminatory system, there has been criticism that the market employs a “voluntaristic” tradition (Mabey, Salaman, & Storey 1998). However, some economists view the labour market as a form of a free market. In such a setting, there is freedom for employers to implement meaningful utilization of labour while avoiding the impracticable and induced level of labour costs (Mabey, Salaman, & Storey 1998). Furthermore, the free labour market attracts inward investment in the United Kingdom (Mabey, Salaman, & Storey 1998). In contradistinction, it is noteworthy that a very flexible labour market may compromise work relations or undermine worker output. As Mabey, Salaman, and Storey (1998) noted, employers in the free about the market may seek low-cost strategies to access labour.

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