Food Justice and Food Politics

Research Essay Guidelines • You are expected to write with a thesis and argument, providing support for your asser- tions by citing specific quotes or ideas from your reading material. However, quotations should be used discretely to illustrate your argument. Your thesis statement must be under- lined or in bold text. • Make sure to have an original title for the paper. • Use parenthesis to make in-text citations. A Works Cited page needs to follow the essay. A failure to acknowledge sources through citations constitutes plagiarism. • The paper is to be 8-10 pages in length (not including Works Cited), double-spaced using Times New Roman 12-point font, with one-inch margins. • USE MLA METHOD OF CITATION. If needed, consult The MLA Handbook for Writ- ers of Research Papers, 7th ed. as a guide. • Number your pages. • Name your topic. • Your name, the instructor’s name, class, section, and date will appear on the top left hand corner of the first page. NO COVER PAGE. • The final version of this paper along with an annotated bibliography, proposal, and abstract is due on Dec 15. • Please upload your paper on Google Classroom. Do not send your papers as attach- ments. • Grades will be based on four equally important criteria: 1) formulation of intellectual problem/response to topic 2) knowledge of subject/content of the course as well as re- search material 3) analysis and interpretation 4) clarity of purpose, organization, language, and mechanics. REMEMBER: There is a difference between unjustified opinion and a persuasive argument. This assignment requires you to critically analyze and interpret the readings to persuasively argue your points. It is not looking for a mere summary of the material. Required Texts and Materials: Wartman, Kristin.“Why Food Belongs in Our Discussion of Race” Civil Eats 3 Sep 2015 Mantey, J. Ama. “Beyond Access: What the Movement for Black Lives’ Policy Says About Food” Civil Eats 1 Nov 2016 policy-says-about-food/ Iltis, Tony. “Kenya: Flower Cash Crops Reap Hunger, Destruction.” Green Left Weekly 13 Iss 900 22 Oct 2011. Use any of the following topics to bring one or more of the required readings above into conversation with outside research to write your research paper with a well formulated thesis that keeps your paper within the thematic framework of our course—food justice and food politics. TOPICS 1. Racialized distribution of food 2. Hunger and the global economy of food export 3. Environmental justice and globalization of food

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