Free radicals

Need help with my writing homework on Questions concerning Biology. Write a 1500 word paper answering; Free radicals do have the ability to arise in the non-enzymatic reaction when oxygen reacts with organic compounds. Ionizing radiation may also give rise to free radicals. Some internally generated sources of free radicals are peroxisomes, exercise, mitochondria, inflammation, phagocytes, arachidonate pathways, reperfusion, and reactions which include iron and other transition metals (Sotgia, et al., 2014).It is a well-accepted fact that the incidence of disease increases with age. A reasonable explanation regarding the association of disease and age is related to the implication of free radical reactions taking place in the pathogenesis of several disorders. Free radical reactions produce progressive negative changes in an individual that accumulate with age throughout the human body. Such “normal” changes are common in all individuals. However, the formation of free radicals is also controlled by patterns influenced by environmental and genetic differences modulating free radical damage (Rahman, 2007).Ample evidence is present regarding the fact that diseases at a specific age are determined by environmental and genetic factors. Atherosclerosis and cancer, the two major conditions of death are considered to be the result of the free radical disease. The initiation of cancer is usually associated with oncogene activation and chromosomal defects. The white blood cells present in the human body release free radicals for the purpose of destroying the invasion of pathogenic microbes. Hence free radicals are not always harmful. They do serve for a useful purpose in the human body (Bahorun, et al., 2006).As individuals age, their arteries begin to harden and get narrow naturally, which leads to atherosclerosis (Castillo-Richmond, et al., 2000). However, there is a number of factors such as alcohol, family history, ethnicity, and air pollution that accelerate this process.&nbsp.Cholesterol is a kind of fat that is essential for the functioning of the human body. It helps in the production of hormones and protects the ending of nerves. Most of the essential cholesterol required by the body is manufactured by the liver. However, when an individual intakes food rich in saturated fat, the fat gets broken down into LDL, which is considered to be bad cholesterol. Foods that are rich in saturated fat are cream, butter, cakes, sausages, bacon, biscuits, and processed meat. The LDL sticks to the artery wall of an individual as fat deposition, which with time reduces and buildup blocking the supply of blood (Anon., 2013).

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