Gender and World Societies

Instructions:   This final assignment offers an opportunity for you to reflect on the subjects covered during the second half of the semester. Please answer ONE of the questions below as a 5-page paper and TWO of the questions below as short 1-page responses. You will therefore be expected to answer THREE questions in total, amassing to at least 7-pages in length. Final is due no later than 11:59pm on Sunday 12/13.     Questions:   Discuss the varying representations of masculinity in Ancient Greek and Iranian cultures? How are these representations either reflected or rejected in contemporary U.S. society? What truth lies behind the veil? What are the explicit and implicit reasons for Muslim women to wear veils? What is FGM? Why is it practiced? How does it reflect a common denial of female autonomy and sexuality? How is hair gendered? In your answer refer to several different cultures in comparison to the hegemonic perspectives in the U.S. How did the Celtic Warrior Queen Boudicca both physically and symbolically counter the invasive Roman patriarchal culture? In what ways does the moon represent goddess worship? In your answer give both historical and contemporary examples of moon worship? How is male privilege and catcalling connected? Why would men think they have the right to shout? In your answer give examples. What ways does Swedish society reflect more progressive and fluid gender models? In your answer add what more you think needs to be down to make society more egalitarian/equitable/equal/fair.   Grading criteria for paper:   Short answer format: Each answer is worth 5 points – so make sure you make 5 clear, coherent, and above all correct points to ensure you get full marks.   Essay format: Does your paper have an introduction, supporting paragraphs and a conclusion? The biggest thing I’m looking for here is a good thesis statement and focus. A good thesis is your paper summed up into one sentence.  If you can’t figure this out, try explaining what you are writing about to a friend. A short description should be easy to find. Then, include your supporting arguments in a few paragraphs, and restate the purpose of your paper in the conclusion.  Each section of your paper must contain citations that reference material from the reading or outside sources. Footnotes for citations are required rather than endnotes (use Chicago-Style).   Grammar: Remember – don’t let the spellchecker do all the work for you.  It tends to make a lot of really silly and obvious mistakes that proofreading would have picked up instantly.  Also, how well your language and thoughts flow will be factored into this category.  I will have to down grade answers that have egregious grammatical errors – so please bring your midterms to the writing center first if you know that your writing skills are not at a college level.   Style: 12 point font & double spaced.

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