General Modern Argument Format Discussion

After reading the information on the General Modern Format pp. 191-192, complete Activity 5.13 on pg. 192 but use the topic presented in the “Genetically Modified Organisms are Contaminating Organic Crops”  document. General Modern Format The general modern format for argument is one that will probably be familiar to you from previous English classes. It is a format that you can use when your argument does not fit neatly into either the Toulmin or Rogerian patterns. Moreover, you can adapt it to serve the needs of your argument. Organize your text similarly to the five-paragraph essay. 1. Introduction: State your thesis in an introductory section that provides background, an anecdote, quote, or other information that gets the atten- tion of your audience and provides a context for your thesis. 2. Main points: Two or three sections each present a major point that sup- ports your thesis. 3. Counterargument: The next section presents a counterargument, which anticipates audience questions or objections and is followed by a rebuttal of the counterargument. 4. Conclusion: A conclusion ties the argument together, perhaps by reflect- ing back to the introduction or issuing a call for action. Activity 5.13 • Develop a General Modern Format Argument for The Sky is Falling Casebook Develop an outline for an argument based on The Sky is Falling Casebook utilizing the General Modern Format. Hint: You might begin your argument with a startling statement similar to this one: The meteor that exploded over Chelyabinsk, Russia, on Friday, Feb. 15, 2013, injured hundreds of people. It also validated the claims of scien- tists and space enthusiasts who warn that Earth is in danger from asteroid collisions. Then state your thesis that either: or The United States should fund space telescopes for detecting asteroids that could strike Earth, causing massive damage. A better use of public money is to concentrate on “urgent problems on Earth.” If you choose the first alternative, your major points would concentrate on the dan- gers of asteroids and the damage they could do if they struck Earth. If you choose the second alternative, your major points would concentrate on how remote the possibility is that a large asteroid would actually hit the Earth. Include statistics that support the idea that the money that could buy a space telescope would be better spent for something else. Do not forget to cite the opposing argument and refute it. Then write a conclusion that ties things together or calls for action. Outline your General Modern Format argument essay using this format. 1. Introduction, including thesis. 2. Two or three main points that support your thesis. 3. A counterargument, followed by a rebuttal. 4. Conclusion.

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