Genetic Engineering Assignment NUR350

Genetic Engineering Assignment

Genetic Engineering Assignment

Assignment 1.1: Genetic Engineering

Step 1: Clink on the link to watch the following video:

Play Video

Step 2: After viewing the video, reflect on the topics in a 1 to 2 page paper.

  • Explain how genetic engineering may impact our society in 5-10 years.
  • Discuss how genetic engineering may impact the field of Nursing.
  • Discuss how genetic engineering may impact the protocol of care within the field of Nursing.
  • Discuss any social, emotional, or economical factors that may impact genetic engineering of human embryos.
  • Include 3 references to support any of the information presented in your writings.

Step 3: Save and submit your assignment

  • After you complete the assignment, save a copy for yourself in an easily accessible place and submit a copy to your instructor using the dropbox.

    Submission has no major errors related to citations, grammar, spelling, syntax, or organization

    Submission has major errors related to citations, grammar, spelling, syntax, or organization that negatively impact readability and articulation of main ideas

    Submission has critical errors related to citations, grammar, spelling, syntax, or organization that prevent understanding of ideas


    Earned Total 100%

    Plan Content

    · Analyze the factors that have contributed to the problem. ( Hint: Examine the reasons for ineffective communication, not just the communication itself. Reasons may include staff burnout, workload, staffing shortfalls, attitudes, assumptions, and so on.)

    . Consider whether certain combinations of factors might be contributing to the problem.

    · Explain why an interprofessional team is needed to address the problem and achieve expected project outcomes.

    . Determine who should be on the team. Identify the disciplines or areas team members should come from and any specific job titles prospective team members should hold.

    . Describe the knowledge and expertise each discipline has to offer in resolving the situation. In addition, consider the level of creativity and problem-solving skills that are needed.

    · Assess the effectiveness of a particular leadership approach in building and maintaining interprofessional collaborative relationships. Consider how effective that approach is in:

    . Encouraging participation by all team members.

    . Engaging reluctant or resistant team members.

    . Maintaining a respectful platform for members to voice their ideas.

    · Develop a strategy for communicating progress by the team to executive leadership.

    . Determine which approach to communicating with leaders will be most effective and efficient.

    . Determine whether you will have regular meetings and generate status reports.

    · Develop a collaborative plan for resolving the problem.

    . Identify the ethical or political issues that are relevant factors in your proposed solution.

    . Identify the social, cultural, or economic factors that are relevant to your proposed solution.

    . Explain how you would address the ethical, political, social, cultural, or economic factors you have identified as relevant to your plan.

    · Describe your role as a leader in implementing the proposed solution.

    · Determine how the practitioner-scholarmodel might be applied in resolving the problem.

    . Consider how theory, research, and the published work in the field, in conjunction with your own

    • NUR 350 Short Paper Guidelines and Rubric


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