Governing Global Business

Write 7 pages thesis on the topic governing global business: globalization and the state. Contrary to the globalization critics, the embracers of globalization have suggested or reported a huge reduction of poverty levels in their respective states, which has led to huge economic growth and produced the leading world economies, such as China and India. It is, therefore, sound to state globalization as both effective and effective, in the sense that it has led to the growth of economies and led to the interference of many lives around the globe. There has been a rapid and enormous growth in global trade since the end of World War II, in terms of rampant international trade due to the increased interactions and relations amongst regions and states. The communication sector has seen a huge reduction and improvement in terms of costs, which have declined intensely and improved communication networks. The reduction in communication costs has facilitated the relationship between nations, and thereby facilitated international trade. The growth in international trade has led to the rampant growth in the global trade, with cheaper communication through the use of the web, telephones and other mobile devices, and the outsourcing and innovation in the information and technology sector. Globalization has impacted on the trade sector of the economy, especially on the international trade that has affected direct foreign investments and the larger international capital flows. The process of high interdependence among states and their citizens, due to globalization, during the global economic downturn has proven to have negatively affected many economies that have been struggling to get back to an economic on-toe. Many state economies are affected by the poverty levels, which demand the implementation of strategic economic policies. Poverty reduction strategies must be employed in order to facilitate sustainable poverty reduction indices, which are raised by economic growth. Economic growth requires policy frameworks to be able to counter the unpredictable global economy. The responsibility of economic policy in the developing states or countries is rested upon the respective governments, with critical international trade relations playing vital roles in the development and sustenance of international trade, and the global trade at large. The development of international trade mainly depends on the governments of the developing countries, the determinants of the global intellectual climate, governmental and non-governmental organizations, and individuals (Claes & Knutsen, 2011). The economic globalization has resulted from the increase in international trade, especially involving manufactured foods and other products, the increase in the international financial flow, in addition to the increase in the flow of labor (Sweeney, 2005). There has been intensively growing research on globalization and the global economy to unearth the impacts of globalization on the global economy since the end of World War II. After World War II, there was the establishment of the international financial order to facilitate the resolution of the global trade volume and maintain steady economic growth (Mcandrew, 2009).&nbsp.

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