Hasty Retreat of the British Empire

Provide a 13 pages analysis while answering the following question: Tactical Withdrawal or a Hasty Retreat of the British Empire. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Americans made no secret of their antipathy for British imperialism as expressed through its colonies in India and its oppressive regime sin Palestine and Greece. As a result, Americans were unwilling to support Britain, even with commercial rates of interest, while British imperialism existed and this placed Britain in an embarrassing position so that it was forced to reconsider its imperial policies from a tactical perspective, to preserve its dignity and face in the world comity of nations.The indications of the decline of the British empire were already evident in the dwindling British financial position after the long drawn out IIrd world war, as well as the outdated and underproductive machinery and factories in the colonies. The British predicament was made worse by its need to remain in the good graces of its former colony, the United States which favored an anti-imperial position. Combined with insistent independence initiatives, angered anti-imperial activists and an endangered economic England, the Labor Party of the British Parliament called for a tactical retreat from colonialism and for the refocusing of financial energies and resources on the English homeland.Before the First World War, Britain’s main competitors were the United States and Germany. The United States of American had won the Spanish American War of 1898, built the Panama Canal and industrialized rapidly with its new Pacific Territory. Building its resources almost as fast as the United States was Germany, which was also an imperial nation like Britain. Britain’s colony India was one of its prime sources of wealth, but during the period immediately preceding and after the IInd World War, India was struggling for its freedom. The territory that was owned by the British Empire in the pacific regions also declared independence.

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