Healthcare Reforms

o   Using online research and the journal articles from your individual assignment, composea paper, answering the following questions:·         In brief summary, how does the 2010 healthcare reforms affect individuals, businesses, public programs such as          Medicaid?·         What is the projected cost of these changes?·         What arguments did the supporters of these laws use to gain passage?·         What arguments did those who opposed the passage use?·         What interests (individual, corporate, partisan) seem to be at work on each side?·         Using a Christian ethic, what arguments can be made in support of these laws?·         Identify a biblical source which supports your arguments.·         Using a Christian ethic, what arguments can be made against these laws? Identify a biblical source which supports your arguments.o   Requirements: Paper must be a minimum of 500 words; APA format.Writing Assignment 4: (55 points)o Historically, the U.S. Health Services system has not been particularly receptive to “nontraditional” providers of health services such as chiropractors, naturopaths, herbalists, acupuncturists, indigenous healers, and others. In recent years, though, such providers are beginning to get a foot in the door of the conventional system, in some cases even being included in some health insurance benefit packages. CAM providers have become significant enough group to merit their own Institute within the National Institutes of Health at Compose an essay answering the following questions and applying biblical Scripture relating to the various types of healing.·         What kinds of providers are included in the category of CAM?·         Why has the conventional U.S. health services system been reluctant to include·         CAM providers?·         What are the benefits and risks attributed to the use of CAM providers?·         What role(s) should CAM providers play in the U.S. health services system?·         Debate the role of CAM providers in the U.S. system.o Requirements: Essay must be a minimum of 500 words; APA format.

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