Healthcare Reforms in the United States

Provide a 4 pages analysis while answering the following question: Healthcare Reform in US. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. It hurts the economy when a person of limited necessary means has to quit a job in order to qualify for indigent care. Out went the bath water, and the baby. How does the economy improve when a worker has to call out sick every other day or week?6 Either way, corporations and small businesses pay a lot more for inefficiency and non-productivity by the spread of illnesses to other employees than they could ever pay for positive health insurance programs or premiums. Those who say “healthcare reform could cripple the system”5 easily overlook the fact that the healthcare system is already severely crippled. Now, rather than hit directly at healthcare reform, those who oppose it have attacked a piece of the legislation, on grounds of “constitutionality” the mandate that penalties of some kind be imposed if a person is found without coverage. There is no authoritative or statistical data to support this notion, and it certainly forces the hand of reform to cover those who can’t afford it. However, it’s not hard to make a case that the same state that sues on a small legislative ‘tick’ apparently value cars over healthcare. Most states now require drivers to have automobile coverage by law, which is just as ‘unconstitutional’. Some will be inclined to say those laws apply only to drivers, not to everyone. but that’s overstating the obvious. How does anyone quantify that argument in terms of “sick people only” when everyone gets sick or injured at some point and time in life, and more than once. a lot more often than they’d ever have car accidents. It is redundant to go there.

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