Historical Context

Comparative book paper on Sabriya  and  Houses Under the Trees.  First, write a plot summary of each novel, identifying the key characters. This should be less than a page for each book.  Then , cover these topics for each book, giving specific examples from the novels:  1)Significance of the historical context to the novel. ( Sabriya is set during the Syrian revolt against the French in 1925-27. Houses is set in Egypt during the l967 war with Israel. You might read up on both of these topics in Goldschmidt to understand the background).  2)Gender issues:, e.g. relationships between men and women, men and men, and women and women, expectations of each, marriage,  role in family            3)   Role of religion  4)Socio-economic factors: class, occupations,  urban or rural setting, lifestyle, etc.  5) What are  the significance and customs of “honor killing” in each novel?  6)What are the advantages and disadvantages of using historical fiction to study the Middle East? Explain why.

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