History of Virginia

A. Select two of the “blocks” below and explain, define, identify, etc. each and all of the items in the block. Each block is worth 10 points. Who were they? So what? 1. First Families of Virginia 2. Democratic-Republicans 3. Federalists 4. Jacksonian Democrats 5. Whigs 6. Tuckahoes and Cohees 7. 49ers and the Compromise Who was he and why would we want to know? 1. Edmund Ruffin 2. John C. Calhoun…okay, so he wasn’t a Virginian. 3. George Fitzhugh 4. John Brown 5. Gov. Henry Wise How or why did it happen? 1. Free Blacks 2. Camp meetings 3. Richmond as capital of CSA 4. West Virginia 5. Picnic gone bad at Bull Run 6. Public supported education What did it mean? 1. Recolonization 2. Strict construction of the constitution 3. Nullification 4. Slave Codes 5. Protective Tariffs 6. Temperance B. You must answer all three of the following at 10 points each.INCLUDE RESOURCES CONSULTED AT THE END OF EACH ANSWER…NO NEED TO FORMALLY FOOTNOTE, JUST LIST SOURCES. 1. What we didn’t understand at the time. Hindsight is 20/20! Notice the problems and, in hindsight, the mistakes which were made…sectional issues which resulted in Virginia’s failure to commit to the Market Revolution (explain the “Market Revolution”) and thus failure to close the gap with northern competitors. This is huge!!! What were the explanations offered for this? What was meant by the phrase “cavalier commonwealth?” So, why was The Old Dominion reluctant to enter the modern age? 2. Its all over but the shoutin?! Really! How did the Civil War end in Virginia? (…and I don’t mean “Who won” either!) Begin you work when Lincoln gives command of all Union forces to Gen. Grant in 1864 and explain the larger events concluding with the surrender of Lee to Grant in April of 1865. 3. Who really owned the slaves in Virginia? (This is different from the Slave Narrative Project! This is asking about the “demographics” of slave ownership. ) Who was a “typical” slave owner in Virginia? What percentage of households in Virginia owned slaves? How many did they own? If you were a slave in Virginia, who owned or probably owned you? (Not the actual person…more the situation…large plantation or small farm?) What happened to slaves in Virginia at the end of the Civil War following the surrender of Lee?

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