Hofstede Culture Framework

Your company has decided to expand their business globally, and your manager has assigned you the role of gathering information about a specific country’s cultural values, in order to help put the right strategy in place. To accomplish this mission, you have learned about Hofstede culture framework and decided to utilize it.Visit Hofstede cultural dimensions website: https://www.hofstede-insights.com/product/compare-countries/ and answer the following questions:Select any country of your choice other than The U.S. A?Compare the country you’ve selected to the U.S.A based on Hofstede culture dimensions?Write a minimum of four (4) pages report to your manager explaining the following:The cultural differences between the U.S and the country you selectedHow should the company utilize the information you gathered to build an effective marketing strategy?This paper needs to include useful analysis is in terms of helping youunderstand? cultural values as part of marketing strategy and consumer behavior.

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