How Philosophy is Important for Undergraduate Students

Create a 4 page paper that discusses how philosophy is important for undergraduate student. I use the term ‘science’ broadly here as rational and empirical investigation,” (Pigliucci n.d.). Reason is important and philosophy cannot provide concrete answers. Objection 2: Philosophy does not matter that much today as Stephen Hawking said, “Philosophy is dead. Philosophers have not kept up with modern developments in science. Particularly physics” (Warman 2011). Nowadays technological advancement prove to assist the advancement in the realm of physical science overtaking the development of philosophy as the latter cannot prove the exact answers to questions. On the contrary, Philosophy is stated, “Defining and explaining philosophy is no easy task — the very nature of the subject seems to defy description. The problem is that philosophy, in one way or another, ends up touching upon nearly every aspect of human life. Philosophy has something to say when it comes to science, art, religion, politics, medicine, and a host of other topics,” ( n.d.). In all aspects, philosophy is the very core or basic step. I answer that, Philosophy is important due to the following reasons: All people align their everyday lives to the concept of reality that their beliefs tend to explain as they make use of metaphysical theory, ethical theory and moral theory. They need both metaphysical and moral concepts since they have the freewill and not instincts. They have the capacity to make decisions. They can also prove that throughout history human behavior and the ideas tend to explain their experiences have certain flaws. The correction is done through enough understanding of people about themselves and their surroundings by inquiring and garnering answers for philosophical and scientific questions. Curiosity is part of being a human as he tends to explore and learn about himself and the things around him. Philosophy also includes the rejection on the subjects of philosophy itself and science as they are all philosophical in nature. They are better than doing nothing about the pursuit for knowledge. Philosophy also encompasses the ideas made by people that are subjected to conflicts toward creation of art or science (Maartensz n.d.). Reply to Objection 1: Science cannot explain the following: the existential truth like a person is not just a container of a brain and is being controlled. The moral truth also cannot be proven by science such as rape being right or wrong. Even the so-called logical truth science may have some problems to prove it like the quote Science is the only way to really know truth. No scientific test can prove the validity of such claim as it requires logic itself. Another thing is historical truth such as the winning of Barack Obama in the 2008 elections as scientific test must be repeatable and historical truth cannot be duplicated. Lastly, experiential truth cannot be verified by science such as the love of a spouse (Hewer n.d.). Reply to Objection 2: Philosophy is not dead because science still exists. Science cannot exist without philosophy. Science has always been part of philosophy as both of them seek evidences, causations, theory creation, and hypothesis-testing as all of them are done to verify the ideas. Scientists must not ignore the philosophers as the former may fall on to fallacies (Norris 2011).

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