Instructions to Learners You have thought through a great deal of material this week on eating habits and how one might confront and change them.? Drawing on what you have learned this week and last week, in this activity, imagine you are a Human Services professional tasked to help an overweight client break an unhealthy eating habit of eating late at night.?? Which of the four steps as outlined in the Mayo Clinic (Links to an external site.) document would you suggest the client take in order to break this habit??? How would you evaluate?whether or not?the client was successful in truly breaking the eating habit?? Your?Evolve?post should substantively integrate the assigned content of the module and draw on what you have learned by going through the course materials. Please see the Readings and Materials page for review. Weekly Wrap Up In completing Module?2, you?learned how?individuals?develop eating habits and how they are both personal and social in nature. You were able to identify your own eating habits based on?your?Food?Journal and discuss an eating habit?that?you would like to break. Finally, you assumed the role of a?Human?Services professional tasked with helping a client break an unhealthy eating habit.?In the next module, we will continue our focus on personal factors that?affect obesity?by learning about how?food?affects our brains and causes overeating.? Please read/watch the following and post below if you have any questions: Read:? Required? Module Notes: Eating Habits (Links to an external site.) Scott, L. (2017). Food choice?behavior: Why clients?are?unable to easily change their eating habits. (Links to an external site.) Journal of the Australian Traditional-Medicine Society, 23(3), 136–139. McCarthy, M. B., Collins, A. M., Flaherty, S. J., & McCarthy, S. N. (2017).?Healthy eating habit: A role for goals, identity, and self-control? (Links to an external site.)Psychology & Marketing,?34(8), 772–785. View/Review:? Required?? The Mayo Clinic. (n.d.). Ways to change unhealthy eating habits. (Links to an external site.) Brewer, J.?(2016, February 24). A simple way to break a bad habit. (Links to an external site.)?TED Talk. (9:24?mins).? Closed Captioned. Optional? Small steps to healthy eating habits. (Links to an external site.) (2016). (4:12?mins). Closed Captioned. Use the EC Library resources for research assistance and to properly cite your work:? Sociology?Research Guide (Links to an external site.)? Plagiarism & Copyright (Links to an external site.)? Excelsior Library Writing Help? (Links to an external site.) APA Citation Help (Links to an external site.)? Excelsior College Online Writing Lab (OWL) (Links to an external site.)

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