Imperative of Activism

Compose a 1500 words assignment on what does the interest that auschwitz should never happen again mean for sociology. Needs to be plagiarism free! According to Jarvis (1998), the Frankfurt school asserts there is no real “thing” as a society. rather it is an interpretation that is based on the subjectivity of one who approaches it as a discipline.1 Adorno opposes the totalizing aspects of theory when it claims to complete knowledge about the operation of social forces or historical evolution. He sees this in Freud, Weber, Durkheim, and Marx, in their interpretive frameworks that discuss the operation of society from different perspectives, but share totalitarianism of meaning which will limit interpretation to a range of values. Related to this is the preference for a phenomenological methodology that seeks to describe reality and social processes as they appear, rather than as they should be ideally. This represents a rejection of objectivism in knowledge by the Frankfurt School, but an acceptance of the categorical imperative of activism through morality.2Adorno views the totalitarian aspects of knowledge systems as operating on the model of the modern State, both symmetrical in identity and structure, implementing imperial control of consciousness and society, flattening all diversity of meaning. From this, Adorno seeks to avoid building a theory of sociology that repeats the State model of control as an aspect of individual identity, for when this occurs, subjective interpretation, variance, objectivity, and the fact all vanish into a monolithic machine that drives meaning to a single source, an illusory central point of vanishing into history. “If you asked me what sociology is, I would say that it must be an insight into society, into the essential nature of society,” Adorno says – it must be, but it is not.

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