Improving Correctional Facilities Diversion Programs

submit a 1000 words paper on the topic Improving Correctional Facilities Diversion Programs. Some of the significant budget constraints that Correction officials have to observe include in the areas of staff remuneration, infrastructural development, and operational costs. The facilities above have an extensive range of services for prisoners such as recovery academies, anger, and career management for women prison and Lois DeBerry providing comprehensive special needs care, and they demand huge staff. However, due to few resources available, officials in these facilities have had to deal with staff turnover leading to constraining service delivery. As established by Tennessee advisory committee, Sheriffs responding to survey confirmed that most of the Tennessee jails are underfunded (Thurman, Lippard, Gibson & Green, 2007). Additionally, officials have had to succumb to budgetary constraints in the infrastructural development. The significant rise of prisoners in the facilities necessitates that the governments allocate enough money to not only expand and build new facilities but to innovatively redesign the old jails to reduce supervision levels (Moore, n.d). However, though officials have indicated to the governments the need for such adjustments, the rise of criminal incarceration has worsened the crisis further.There are different types of diversions programs, but all are structured to benefit different offenders for they ascribe to different requirements. The objective of these diversion programs is to reduce crime by establishing the underlying factors that may have contributed to an individual’s criminal conduct (Camilletti, 2010). Therefore, since the objective of these programs is to eliminate the likely factors leading to crime in an individual, they are often better served via community restitution plan rather than criminal justice sanction process. Consequently, such programs are more beneficial to offenders charged with misdemeanours and non-violent&nbsp.felonies than those charged with felonies and violent crimes. Such is perhaps due to the severity of the offenses committed by felonies and corresponding demand by the public to see swift justice done.

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