Inappropriate/Negative Behavior

For this discussion, you will selecttwo (2)of the parenting scenarios presented below. In your initial discussion, you will describe how to correct the inappropriate/negative behavior using research and references from what you have learned in class. You’ll need to keep a few additional things in mind:child’s developmental stage (can they be reasoned with?)application of operant conditioning (reinforcement and punishment)is the punishment logical and can you as the parent follow through?Be sure to locate peer-reviewed references (textbook is okay) to validate and support your ideas. When coming up with methods to help curb the negative behaviors, the only thing you are not allowed to use is physical discipline.While many of you may argue that you were raised with the belt and turned out fine, the purpose of this activity is to demonstrate that shaping behaviors does not require violence and can be done when approached from a developmental and creative standpoint.Parenting ScenariosOne time, while grocery shopping, you were exhausted and gave into your 4 year old’s whining about getting a new Hot Wheel. Now, every time you are at a store, the child engages in the same whining behavior, oftenescalating intotantrums.You are getting frequent referrals for your 5-year-old son, stating that he isaggressive with other children in the day care class, often taking toys,hitting, taunting, and biting.Every morning, it is a battle to keep clothing on your 3-year-old.Your preschooler (3-4 years old) has been reported kissing multiple childrenon the playground during recess.Every time you give your 3-year-old child an instruction, they reply with,“No.”Your 5-year-old is potty trained but gets so wrapped up with playingthathe goes in his pants or other inappropriate places (e.g. bedroom closet).Anytime you are in a public place (e.g. park, mall), your 4-year-old takes offrunning.You come home from work to find a new Picasso on your living room wall,completed with love by your 3-year-old artist.

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