Income Equality

Earlier in the semester we talked about some of the things that makes Texas awesome.  No place or government or society is perfect on this side of heaven and Texas is no exception.  Texas has some rather poor showings in education achievement, health measures, income equality, and so on.   Some of this, but not all of it, can be explained by the fact that Texas is a low-tax/low-service state.  At the intersection of political culture and public policy, Texas likes to keep the tax burden low, not provide a lot of services, and rely on individuals to figure it out on their own. Given the information you have obtained from class, I would like you to write about this topic.  How is Texas doing based on certain social factors (these can include but are not limited to:  educational achievement, health measures, income equality, etc.) ?  Is this a good or bad thing?  Why is it like this?  What would you do, if anything, to fix it?

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