Information-Gathering Techniques

Create a report for your Manager on Information-Gathering Techniques.Gathering information for a new system is important and sets the tone of the development cycle. If not done thoroughly, the project could be a failure before it begins.You are the Project Manager of XYZ Enterprises. Your manager gives you the task of researching the different techniques used to gather information as the company is going to replace their Case Management System. He would like a report of all the different type of information gathering listed below. For each technique, give reasons to use it and the best ways to accomplish using each information-gathering method.Interviewing users and stakeholders.Distributing and collecting questionnaires.Observing and documenting business procedures.Collecting active user comments and suggestions.Researching vendor solutions.This course requires the use of Strayer Writing Standards. For assistance and information, please refer to the Strayer Writing Standards link in the left-hand menu of your course.The specific course learning outcome associated with this assignmentis:Research the techniques used to collect and gather information for the design of a new system.Just make the HEADERS of the paper sections numbered 1-5 (taken from the gradingrubric)and answer each question in order. Make a reference section at the end in APA format for the minimum 6 references.1. Researched: Gave reasons for use and best practices using: Interviewing users and Stakeholders (22.1 Points)2. Researched: Give reasons for use and best practicesusingdistribution and collecting questionnaires. (22.1 Points)3. Researched: Give reasons for use and bestpracticesusing observing and documentingbusiness procedures. (21.1 Points)4. Researched: Give reasons for use and bestpracticesusing collecting active user comments and suggestions. (22.1 Points)5. Researched: Give reasons for use and bestpracticesusing researching vendor solutions. (22.1 Points)6. Use at least 6 Quality Resources. (6.5 Points)7. Clarity and writing mechanics. (13 Points)

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