Introduction to Marriage and Family Therapy

Final Exam Summer 2020 1. What % of the Family Crucible did you read this semester? __________________________ 2. William has been diagnosed with depression and was prescribed medication by his pediatrician about 3 months ago. He is 12-years old and talks about wanting to die. He says he feels invisible at school, doesn’t have any friends. His parents report that they have talked with William’s teacher, but there’s only so much she can do. She’s making sure he’s not bullied in the classroom, but she can’t do a lot to help him feel more accepted or included. In your first session, William states that he feels dumb, unattractive, unwanted. Both of William’s parents have brought him to therapy because they are concerned and don’t know what to do. Mom is afraid that William might take his own life; she is also very nervous about how he will handle junior high school next year and is contemplating home-school. Dad thinks that this situation is blown out of proportion by Mom’s concern; he thinks things will get better on their own because every 12-year old feels awkward. You notice that while you meet with the family, the parents talk over one another. Mom sits by William on the couch while Dad sits in a chair on the other side of William. a. From a systemic perspective, who is the client? Explain. (5) b. What do you notice about the process compared to the content in this session? (5) c. If you were trying to understand the systemic interaction in the family, what is a question you could ask and why? What would you look for? (5) d. What are a couple things you would want to ask as part of your assessment? (5) e. How would a Bowenian therapist view the reason William is struggling? (5) f. How would a Structural therapist view the reason William is struggling? (5) g. How would a CBT therapist view the reason William is struggling? (5) h. What is an intervention an experiential therapist might try with the family in session? Why would they use this intervention/what would they be trying to see or do? (5) i. What is a homework assignment a CBT therapist might assign the family? (5) j. What is a question or comment a solution-focused therapist might make to the family? (5) 3. Jordan and Sami are seeking therapy because they have been struggling with their relationship for a while. It’s a sexless, emotionless marriage, and it has been for years. They’re a good parenting team. They both work hard, but there isn’t much connection between them. They’d like for it to be different, and they used to be friends, but they’re not sure how to start their way back to that because it’s been so cold for so long. Sami has been far more emotionally connected to a neighbor, who is also their kids’ baseball coach. Jordan doesn’t think there’s been an affair but doesn’t know and is afraid to ask because it would tear apart the family if Sami is having an affair. a. How would an EFT (emotionally focused therapist) view the reason this relationship is struggling? (5) b. How would a structural therapist view the reason this relationship is struggling? (5) c. How would a contextual therapist view the reason this relationship is struggling? (5) d. Describe one in-session intervention a CBT therapist could use with the couple in therapy. (5) e. Describe one in-session intervention a strategic therapist could use with the couple in therapy. (5) f. Assuming this couple is African American, what are some of the larger systemic factors that could influence this couple/family’s experience right now? (5) g. Assuming this couple identifies as part of the LGBTQ community, describe an in-session intervention a narrative therapist could use with this couple/family in therapy. (5) h. How would a post-modern therapist view the client’s contextual variables differently than a modern therapist? (5)

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