Is America the Greatest Country in the World

The purpose of this essay is to explore argument in its visual form, research and take a stand on an element of American society that you feel needs improvement or celebration. Is America the greatest country in the world?Length: 1000-1500 words (4-6 pages )?MLA format?Outside Sources: 2 academic/peer edited, 1 visual, and 1 of your choice (ideas: video, poem, song)?Showing that a problem exists, explaining the proposed solution(s), and justification of why it matters or show that a community often looked at in a negative light has very real positive elements to be considered.?The need for presence – Your purpose is to persuade people to act. You will want to appeal to the audience’s hearts, imaginations, and even their intellect. This is where you employ the rhetorical moves we studied in paper one. (Ethos, Logos, Pathos) Perhaps the use of provocative statistics, dialogue, illustrative narratives, and compelling examples that show the reader how important the issue you choose is or perhaps the consequences of not acting.?Overcome preconceived notions: There is often an issue with proving that an issue needs to be fixed or improved. You must initially persuade the audience to consider there is a problem in order for them to be open to your ideas for resolution or improvement.?Possible future consequences: Use the possibility of negative consequences if no action is taken as a way to support your argument.Please view the Youtube video clip from The Newsroom. You will base your essay two on this video.

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