Kinetic Energy

Q1. Determine the accelerations that result when a 10-N net force is applied to a 300g objectQ2. Kinetic energy K has dimensions kg. m2/s2. It can be written in terms of the momentum p and mass m as:Determine the proper units for momentum using dimensional analysis.(b) The unit of force is the newton N, where 1 N = 1 kg m/s2. What are the units of momentum p in terms of a newton and another fundamental SI unit?Q3. A long jumper leaves the ground at an angle ? above the horizontal and at a speed of 13.0 m/s and reaches a range 500 cm. Determine the angle ?? Q4. A 500.0-g object initially at rest is pulled to the right along a frictionless, horizontal surface by a constant horizontal force of magnitude 10 N. Find the work after it has moved through a horizontal distance of 200 cm.?

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