Knowledge in Everyday Life

Provide a 6 pages analysis while answering the following question: Knowledge in Everyday Life: Theory and Application. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. The knowledge that an individual has is a sum of the two in addition to others that shall be discussed in the essay. In our daily lives, we encounter different situations which add knowledge to our lives, some are evidence-based but they neither qualify to be totally active or passive and so by looking at the philosophical approach of knowledge we shall be able to raise an argument to show that in some cases this can apply but in other circumstances, it would not be true.To support our argument and establish the source and production of knowledge in our lives we shall look at the theories of knowledge and what has been developed in the past to explain it. This will be used to support my claim is partially supporting the statement given in the question. James Frederick Ferrier is the philosopher who came up with the theory of knowledge popularly known as epistemology. In his argument knowledge helps us to have beliefs which we can justify and others which we cannot justify. In the argument he argues that the beliefs which we have which can be termed as a result of the knowledge that we have acquired is a result of the situations that we have been through or the things that we have experienced in our lives (Theory of Knowledge).Plato in his argument defines knowledge as a true belief that has been defined or explained in the past. Therefore borrowing from this explanation the knowledge that we have needs to be explained or experimented. This takes us back to the acquisition of knowledge. In our lives whether we participate or stay passive, we still end up knowing new things. This is because our minds are actively thinking and linking the things that we have seen to come up with new explanations on how things happen. In many circumstances we do not need to get full explanations on certain issues. All we need is to be introduced to certain concepts then using our past experiences we can compare or try to come up with solutions that closely fit the situation (Russel, 1926). This therefore means that the knowledge we get is not entirely based on our active or passive learning as purported by the question.

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