Lab DNA Extraction

Lab #6: DNA Extraction You are going to use two online resources to extract DNA. One will be a virtual lab and one you will do in your own kitchen following the directions. Use the worksheet in the assignment resources to complete the lab write-up for the Part 2. Resources:  Virtual DNA Extraction How to Extract DNA from Anything Living!  Part 1: Virtual DNA Extraction Go to the above website and follow the instructions. Answer the questions below. Note: This part does not need to be in a “lab write-up format.” What are some reasons we extract DNA? Where is DNA found in the cell? What type of cells were collected from the test subject? What are the four steps of DNA purification? Explain what the ingredients in the lysis solution do.  What is the end result of the DNA extraction? Part 2: How to Extract DNA From Anything Living! (this part needs to follow the lab write-up format) Problem: What is the appearance of DNA when it is isolated from the rest of the cell? Hypothesis: write in an if…then…format Materials: list the materials you used Method: briefly summarize the steps you took in the lab Note: Place isopropyl alcohol into the freezer…it should work better! Results: (Make a sketch of the test tube with labels for each layer.) Discussion/Analysis: Why did we need to use the liquid soap? (hint: what does the soap do to the cell membranes?) Why did we add enzymes to the solution?  Try at least on other experiment with DNA extraction. What did you change? What was the result? DNA can be isolated from any cell in a manner similar to this. What could extracted DNA be used for? The DNA of all organisms contains the same four bases – adenine, thymine, guanine, and cytosine. What might this similarity indicate about the origins of life on Earth?  Conclusion: Answer the problem question.

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