Write an essay that analyzes the causes and effects of one of the following topics. Provide solid evidence for the thesis, and use either chronological or emphatic order to organize your supporting points. TOPIC CHOSEN: LACK OF COMMUNICATION IN A RELATIONSHIP Additional instructions by Professor This essay must include 3 outside sources. You may only use direct quotations–paraphrasing is not allowed. Do not summarize your sources or paraphrase from them. Select quotations that have substance in order to enhance your own analysis. All sources must be from Ebsco Host only. All essays will be submitted to Requirements: Minimum three pages (3-4 pages). Two-three outside sources– Ebsco Host only. Proper MLA in-text citations and Works Cited page. No paraphrasing or summarizing. This essay must be in the third person only–do not use “you” or “I” anywhere in the essay. 1. Only 20-25% of the essay can be outside sources. It doesn’t matter how you incorporate your sources within the essay as long as they don’t equal more than 25% of the essay overall. 2. The essay must have one source per page. This does not mean that you have to use one new source per page. This rule is in place in order to be sure that enough research has been conducted for the page length of the essay. The research process is meant to teach you about your topic in order for you to be able to analyze and discuss the topic in a well developed essay. If you have a three page essay, then you need to have three outside sources. You can use these sources however you decide within your essay, as long as they don’t constitute more than 20-25% of the total paper. 3. Follow MLA rules exactly for both in-text citations and the Works Cited page. Every in-text citation (or parenthetical citation) must also have a full citation in the Works Cited page. Citations are listed by the author’s last name, and they are arranged in the Works Cited page alphabetically. All essays for this class must be submitted to for a plagiarism check. In the Cypress College Library Home Page under “Instruction,” click on “TILT” (Online Information Literacy Tutorial). Follow the steps for conducting research for your essay topic. Remember: All sources for this week’s paper must come from EBSCO Host. Sources from general websites or other data bases will not be accepted.

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