Latinos In The United States

Required text : The assigned textbook, Latinos in the United States: Diversity and Change, c What did you think about this week’s readings, lectures, and/or films?  Did you learn anything new or interesting about Latinx education, politics, and/or work experiences? Please explain. Respond in 250 words Respond to these two classmates in 100 words each Elizabeth : I thought this week’s readings, lectures, and films gave me a better understanding and perspective of how the Latinx community experiences education, politics, and work experiences. There was a couple of points made that caught my attention. One was how in the video, “‘We need help,’ say Latina workers, hit hard by pandemic job losses” by PBS, Yeni, one of the interviewees, talks about how she pays taxes and still is not able to receive government help. Also in chapter 5, the authors state “although immigrants contribute to society through the taxes that they pay… through their work, and through largely obeying US laws… they are not extended the same rights as citizens” (Sáenz, Cristina, pg. 24). A side thought I had about this was the saying “taxation without representation” and how it applies to the Latinx community in a sense.  Another point that caught my attention was about education (chapter 6) and the lecture “Theories of Latinx Education. From the lecture, it was mentioned that the critical race theory acknowledges systematic and institutionalized racism. This topic made me think of the “school-to-prison” pipeline and I thought it tied closely to that theory. It also reminded me about the “white supremacy flower” model which shows that systematic and institutionalized racism is real. The pedals signify the inequalities minorities face and like a flower, it can grow because of the strong roots and stem which signify how the foundation of the US has been based on the discrimination and exploitation of minorities which lead to other processes like laws and policies that further the inequalities.  Ana: I originally thought that the term latinx was used for the newer generations, but now getting deeper into it, I know what it stands for as far as standing against gender rules and reforming those rules where everyone is included. I also learned more about how the U.S was involved in Latin American countries. I always knew they did, however I did not know the extent into which they involved themselves. They welcomed the people of high status or for their color, but pushed away the ones whose lives were in danger, and as one of the videos had asked, “Does the U.S have a moral responsibility to Latin American countries?” The answer would be yes, in my opinion.  Plagarism report attached as well pls.

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