Legal and Political Issues of Coca-Cola

Need an research paper on legal and political issues of coca cola. Needs to be 6 pages. Please no plagiarism. Multinational organizations implement several different strategies in different operating countries to meet the market demand of that country. However, these multinational organizations face critical issues associated with business operation in different countries due to different cultural background, economic environment, and political aspects. The Coca Cola Company has been selected for the research purpose. The following discussion will help to determine the issues that are faced by Coca Cola Company in different countries.Analysis and DiscussionThe global business environment is highly competitive as several leading organizations are operating within a similar industry. These organizations not only focus on primary market bases but also used to target the rest of the world. It is true that an organization can achieve significant competitive advantages through effective global expansion strategies. High profitability and high business revenue motivate several leading organizations to expand their business practices in the global market place. These multinational organizations not only have to sell products and services in international countries but also have to take care of the workplace environment, business environment, market demand, and several business policies in international countries. Therefore, it is not easy for a multinational organization to handle all these things quite comfortably. They have to develop an effective business strategy in order to get success in the global market place. The multinational organizations generally face the following issues in their business operation in different countries.Management IssuesCulture of an individual generally varies from a country to another. A multinational organization has to develop different corporate and organizational policies in different countries in order to maintain effective business performance. Culture is typically a complex aspect that includes beliefs, art, knowledge, laws, attitude, behavior, customs and other habits or capabilities acquired by an individual as a member of a particular community or a society. Therefore, it can be stated that work culture cannot be similar in each and every place around the globe. It differs from a person to another due to several cultural differences. Coca Cola is one of the leading multinational soft-drink manufacturing and distributing organization. The organization has significant business operation presences in various global market places. The organization is one of the leading organizations within the industry. Coca Cola faced several issues during globalization and its global expansions. The organization was facing difficulty to develop business and corporate culture in a different country due to the different cultural background of employees and customers. In addition to this, there were several local organizations in these countries that already had significant brand recognition and market share growth rate. After several difficulties, the management of the organization de3cides to market their product in different countries based on the demand and cultural aspect of the customers. Different slogans& different language in different countries helped Coca Cola to achieve huge brand recognition and significant customer loyalty (Lussies, 2008, p.113). It is important for the organization to focus on change in market demand in the respective countries.

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