Living History

Description The Project will be a Researched Living History/Case Study Assignment, which is a critical and historical thinking assignment that allows us to apply the history and concepts we have studied thus far to modern-day situations affecting indigenous peoples. For your project, you will select a topic of your choice, analyze its context and implications, and explore possible solutions to the problem/options for the future. Topic (choose one)? 1.Christopher Columbus (Columbus Day Comic: A Flawed Critique of Columbus Day: See file) 2.California Gold Rush (see file) Criteria for Evaluation: -Clearly selects and presents one topic/issue of focus related to our course -Thoroughly presents and analyzes historical context from which topic/issue arises -Thoroughly presents and analyzes historical and modern-day implications -Thoroughly presents stances and/or options on potential solutions/changes needed -Thoughtfully proposes the best solution based on research and course materials/concepts -Includes connections to at least 3 key terms within essay -Includes a Works Cited page in MLA format Assignment Outline -What is the issue and goal of the analysis? *introduce the topic assuming your readers/viewers are unfamiliar, and include a clear thesis -What is the context of the issue? *clearly explain historical context surrounding/shaping the topic using lectures, and outside sources -What key facts should be considered? *clearly explain implications of the topic in modern times based on textbook, lectures, and outside sources (personal testimonies, data, etc can be used as evidence) -What are possible solutions/changes needed? *clearly show different stances on the topic and/or solutions proposed and/or changes needed -Select the best option: what would you recommend — and why? *conclude by making an argument for the best option/solution and explain why based on the information covered within your entire essay/presentation. *answer the larger “so what” question – in other words, why does this topic matter today? Key Term Connections *Here is a list of our key terms to choose from. Be sure to connect to at least 3 in your project! -colonization(is an ongoing process of control by which a central system of power dominates the surrounding land and its components (people, animals etc) -decolonization(is the goal of undoing/removing/reversing the presence of colonization in order to regenerate Indigenous knowledge, epistemologies, culture, and ways of life.) -settler colonialism -doctrine of discovery (a government asserting the right to appropriate and de-legitimize long-established autonomous indigenous peoples’ governments based on Christendom) -manifest destiny(is the 19th century belief that American settlers were destined, with the God-given right, to expand settlements from coast-to-coast of North America – connected to American Exceptionalism) -historical thinking(Thinking critically about history) -context(There is no Text without context) -assimilation (he process by which a person or a group’s language and/or culture comes to resemble those of another group, typically a dominant society. May involve quick or gradual change depending on circumstances.) -environmental justice -sovereignty -self-determination

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