Management Development

Prepare and submit a term paper on Management Development. Your paper should be a minimum of 2250 words in length. In this study, the Anglo Saxon and the French management development styles are explored to find the difference in their respective styles of management. For this diversity in the management style, there are mainly four reasons that influence this cultural difference. Firstly, organizations with different Power distance or hierarchical structures have different power levels and thus creating a structural difference in the organization. Secondly, organizations sometimes have employees who try to avoid uncertain situations and some times have a responsible manager who ambitiously likes to tackle risks. The third factor is Individualism. With high individualism managers are more hard-working takes initiatives in different actions. Finally, with high masculinity employees are very stressful and the workplaces are not very employee-friendly. Based on these practices within the organization different management styles have evolved in different parts of the world (Vedpuriswar, n.d., p.1). Anglo Saxon styles of management development The Anglo Saxons are the Germanic tribes in the east and the south of Great Britain. Migrating tribes of the German into Britain which is now known as northern Germany mainly comprises of three types of people i.e. Angles, Saxons, and the Jutes. Anglo-Saxon countries have many similarities between the British and Canadian, US-American, and also Australian cultures of business strategies. The main reason behind this similarity is due to the reason of immigration of all these countries are from the same origin Great Britain. Because of this reason, the language spoken by these countries are also the same to some extent. In the Anglo-Saxon culture of the business, it is mainly done through a well-connected network of some third party. They feel more comfortable in doing business with the people whom they like or they trust very well. The Anglo Saxons are generally more interested in doing business with some long term relationship rather than doing business with a quick deal. While doing business they often use humor and understatements to confuse opponents which results in the delay of business. They avoid sensitive topics like religion, poor service and sexuality in their meetings or small discussion. The British culture of the business is mainly hierarchical. They have a tendency of giving orders to the people who are under their power and on the other hand talking and discussing topics with the top management. The hierarchy is very strongly maintained within each organization’s business culture. But they like to work in teams and also they have a strong sense of fair play. With the hierarchical structure of the business, the employees reach a business decision but the boss or the top management is the final decision approver in this type of business organization. In this business model, the functional areas of finance, accountancy, and the law department are most valued of all. Thus it results in the underrepresentation of technical qualifications of people even if they are managers of the firms. In Anglo Saxon business organization status of the R & D departments are very lower.

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