masculinity and femininity

Write an article on fan practices and masculinity and femininity Paper must be at least 2750 words. Please, no plagiarized work! The vampire race lives secluded and hidden from the Human Race. their interactions limited to feeding time. this due to the fact that vampires need human blood for their survival. This has consequently brought out antagonistic results to this coexistence, most often than not ending tragically. It is centered on Sookie Stackhouse who is a telepathic server at the Bon Temps bar “Merlotte’s.”Vampires, two years prior, remained hidden from the Human Race. dwelling in the shadows while preying on human beings for their blood that was the vampire’s lifeline. This, however, changes when scientists in Japan create an artificial form of blood called “True Blood” that takes the place of human beings’ blood. They no longer have their survival controlled by the need for human blood. Instead, the vampire race is able to integrate itself into the “Mainstream” Human society. The resultant interactions are mutually suspicious with each race preferring its own company. often being intolerant of the other (Broyles, 2010, p. 56).Vampire blood, on the other hand, is categorized as being a kind of human narcotic: “V” or “V Juice” that is often sought after by the Human race. Sookie, the main protagonist is caught up in a fight between a human couple and a vampire male, Merlotte’s first, who were attempting to drain his blood. From this scene, the notion of women’s’ hospitability, non- violence and accepting nature is exhibited. thus contributing immensely to the ensuing relationship that was to develop between her, Sookie, and the vampire, Bill Compton. From this relationship, a host of vampire culture and psychology is explored with great limitations being portrayed on vampire psychology. The receptive and understanding nature of Sookie epitomizes the goodwill and caring nature present in female psychology (Hammond, 2006, p. 136).The murders of several women, all connected to Sookie’s older brother Jason, provides the first season’s major plot. Among the victims are Maudette Pickens, a sexual partner. Dawn Green, one of Merlotte’s servers. Grandmother Adele, and girlfriend Amy Burley. He is addicted to vampire blood “V”. that is a human narcotic unlike anything manufactured at the time. The viewers’ knowledge of Jason’s innocence does not help much in easing the constant accusations and investigations carried out by detective Andy, in conjunction with Sheriff Bud, who targets him as the main suspect in the investigations. The theme of masculinity comes out with the accusations, of the murders, and the constant harassment of the perceived suspect by the local authority. Violence and other acts of violence are socialized with the notion of masculinity while the feminine nature is credited with old age (Grandmother Adele), sensual and sexual pleasures as portrayed by Maudette and Marlette’s Dawn Green (Ghaill, 1994, p. 51).

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