Media Studies Swift “you need to calm down”Complete the following bullets by writing a cohesive essay based on the video.Define encoding/decoding using your own description or the definition from your textbook.Determine what the preferred reading is of this text, or the industry’s desired interpretation of the text.Define the different types of readings using your own description or the definition from your textbook.Explain what the dominant, oppositional, and negotiated readings would be, using examples from the video.Define the terms polysemy and polyvalence.Would this be a better example of polysemy or polyvalence? Use examples from the video to support your points.Identify at least one shared interpretive community that may have similar interpretations of this text. Use examples from the text to support your points.Identify one of the historical reception theories that could be used to analyze this text.Define the theory.Explain how you would use the theory to analyze this text. Use examples from the episode.

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