Mexican Music in California

Prepare and submit a paper on mexican music in california. It is represented by diverse music styles which makes it very influential in American pop culture today. What is most important, Chicano music is a good path towards understanding Chicano identity as a complex social and cultural phenomenon that this ethnic group unique in the diverse US population.Mexican/Chicano music has a long in California. According to Loza, at the end of the 18th century, California natives had developed and well-organized communities in Southern California which consisted of smaller tribes and included around 5000 residents (3). The first kind of music researched in their community was represented by religious songs. Two songs alabado and bandito were used in daily family rituals. They were documented by the San Gabriel Mission (Loza 4-5). Tradition music was performed in ensembles which included flutes, violins, bass, trumpet and triangle. The early documentation of this music shows discriminatory attitudes of researchers as they regarded this music as “imitation of whites” (Loza 5).During the period when California belonged to Mexico, local tribes were carefully studies by missionaries. They noted that local people played music skillfully. Many women could play the guitar which males preferred to play the violin (Loza 6). Music was very important during the holidays. local musicians played different pieces of music which included traditional baile or informal fandango. Dance music was represented by traditional Spanish dances as well as contemporary pop forms of vals. Women could perform improvised ballads using all possible musical instruments.After the massive immigration of people from the United States and Mexico to California in the 18th century, the local culture assimilated into the new cultures brought by the immigrants. Multiracial families starter appearing in the territory. in such families, people knew at least two languages (Spanish and English).

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