Mind Mapping Dyson

Evidence shows that Mind Mapping can be used to help you plan and organize your thinking before you start or get stuck into a project. This is because you can use the technique to develop all your ideas and see where they relate to each other before deciding the best way to go about the task at hand.A Mind Map can help you think with greater clarity to explore relationships between ideas and the different elements of an argument, as well as generate solutions to problems. It puts a new perspective on things by allowing you to see all the relevant issues and analyze choices in light of the big picture. It also makes it easier to integrate new knowledge and organize information logically as you’re not tied to a rigid structure.The sheer number of ideas produced in a brainstorm makes a strong case for its effectiveness. Every idea won’t be a winner, but among the ideas that come up, a handful will be worth pursuing.Develop a Mind MapUsing the Mind Map method of brainstorming, create a mind map to help guide your creative concepting process. You can create this by hand or use an online tool, such as (Mindmeister.com,)( Poplet.com )or (Miro.com )as shown in Fig. 1. If you create it by hand, take a photo and save it as a JPEG. If you complete your brainstorm digitally, save it as a PDF or a screenshot.Note: Make sure your concepts in the mindmap align with your brief, strategy, insights and the target audience you defined last week.Instruction1. Watch any of the lesson videos below that provides an overview of proper ways to brainstorm:Problem Solving Techniques: Brainstorming,) Chris Croft, LinkedIn Learning(Mind Maps, )Chris Croft, LinkedIn LearningDecision Trees), Chris Croft, LinkedIn LearningDesigning a Print Ad: Concepts are the Main Ingredient), Chris Croft, LinkedIn Learning2. Read any of the following articles to help you understand:How Mind Maps Help in Marketing)How to Mind Map Creative Advertising Ideas)Mind Mapping for Dummies). Review the lesson below if you have trouble coming up with ideas:https://docs.google.com/presentation/?usp=slides_web

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