Modern Social Problems

MODERN SOCIAL PROBLEMS: Final Essay  Every answer should incorporate sociological vocabulary/concepts and statistics as well as references to course content. Answer each question in complete sentences; no bullet points. Be sure there is not redundancy from one answer to the next. Do perform Spell-check and Grammar Check prior to submitting. You are encouraged to bold the sociological concepts and theories (Conflict theory, Functionalism, Symbolic Interactionism) used in each answer. Make sure to include solutions in your response. Include a bibliography which details the textbook and chapters used. You must answer both of the following questions. Generally, each answer should be 2-3 pages, double spaced. Essay format with complete sentences is expected. Read & answer each question thoroughly.   1. Write a letter to a United States education official, including her or his name and address. Your letter should focus on one or more of the social problems related to education as discussed in the textbook. Cite statistics provided in the course content as well as 5 sociological vocabulary/concepts to explain the objective definition/nature of the social problem. Also, explain how the system is at fault for the problem(s) and what policy or policies need(s) to be passed to rectify (solve) this social problem. Explain the relevance of one of the sociological theories in Chapter 11 within your answer, examining how the theory will help the legislator understand the nature of the problem or the solution to the problem. Include a bibliography which details which exact readings, chapters and videos that are used.  2.Considering the course content, rank what you deem to be the top 3 most pressing social problems covered in this course. Explain why you believe these problems to be the most pressing, citing evidence from the course this semester. Then, select the 3 best solutions presented this semester, explaining why they are the best, citing evidence from the course this semester. Explain why these are the most important, making sure to explain which social problems they would address. Lastly, explain which sociological theory (or sub-theory) is the most helpful in making sense of these social problems and solutions as well as which sociological theory (or sub-theory) is the least helpful in making sense of the social problems and solutions. Include a bibliography that details which exact readings, chapters, and/or URL’s are used. TEXTBOOK (Social Problems: Continuity and Change) link:

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