Moisture and Mold

Write an article on Moisture and Mold. It needs to be at least 1500 words. Care should be taken to prevent their growth through measures such as keeping humidity levels at the recommended levels through adequate ventilation and most effectively, avoiding or correcting water leakages as soon as possible.Mold is quite unsightly wherever it appears, be it on the bathroom curtain as black tiny patches or on the kitchen drain. The worst bit is that it has adverse health effects on anyone who comes into contact with it. This paper explores its growth and prevalence, health effects and most importantly how to revert and prevent its growth.Molds are a type of fungi and are basically a component of the natural environment. They can be found anywhere, both indoors and outdoors, throughout the year. Outdoor mold is found in damp, shady areas break down organic matter such as dead animals, fallen trees and toppled trees. On the other hand, indoor mold occurs in buildings and other enclosures. This variant brings undesirable effects when it eats away at certain materials, negatively changing the look and even the smell. The mold affects the wooden building’s structural integrity by damaging and weakening walls and floors (Woodson, 2012). Growth begins when the spores land on wet surfaces like the showers, basements and other wet areas with high humidity levels. Although there are many types of mold, none grows in the absence of water or moisture. However, they all grow without sunlight, as long as there is a seed (spore), moisture, viable temperatures and a nutrient source.Water is available as either liquid or vapor in the indoor environment and often originates from different sources. Liquid water may come from plumbing leakages, from the outside environment such as melting snow, groundwater or rain (Adan and Samson, 2012). Exceptional cases may be caused by disasters such as hurricanes, firefighting and floods.&nbsp.

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