Music Movement Report

Two online youtube concert video links are listed below. For this assignment you are to write a two-page report on the music you hear. The report should be written in the style of a music review as are written professionally all over the world. As examples of the writing style, two links to professional critics’ work follow. Notice how the reviewers weave information about the work while making comparisons and giving opinions about the playing. The length of the first review is 284 words, well written, but too short for the assignment. The second review is 457 words, which is adequate to the assignment. center.html?ref=music The links below will take you to different concert videos. You should listen to the portions of the videos indicated and take brief notes as you listen. Your writing should be substantially about one of the works. The writing about the second work does not require as much detail, but prominent moments or overall thoughts of that performance should be noted You should critique the playing and discuss formal aspects of the work using terminology you have learned. Discuss the performers’ skill. Discuss striking aspects of their performance. Did they use rubato? If so, how well was it used? Did they play forcefully or lyrically? Were they in tune? Did the ensemble act as an indivisible unit, or were they loose and sloppy? Were you moved emotionally? How? Were tempos too fast in your judgment, or too slow? Or were the tempos well chosen, so that the music breathed, but was still lack exciting. Did any performer stand out? Why? Identify these moments by timings of the video. You may also go into the form and structure of the work, and the techniques the composer uses. As you can see, there’s a lot to think about and to write about, so 400-500 words should not be difficult. You also will be graded on a number of specific points. But if these are not listed with or in the video don’t worry about them: Who is the composer for each work? What works were performed? What is the name of the ensemble, soloists, conductor? Where and when did they perform? What style(s) and/or eras of music? What voices or instruments were used? If an orchestra, state that, no need to list all instruments. Names of ensembles, conductors and soloists should always be mentioned. The paper should be submitted as TEXT IN AN EMAIL, not as a separate attachment. Do not make any attachments in the email and no Google Docs. The length of the paper should be 400-500 words. Do a word count. Be accurate, as your grade will be lowered if you don’t write that many words. Send the email to: REPORT NO. 1 DUE DATE: Noon, December 9, 2020 DO NOT PLAGERIZE. REVIEWS MUST BE YOUR OWN ORIGINAL IDEAS AND WRITING. Students that plagiarize will receive an F. Béla Bartók, String Quartet No. 5. Listen to Movement I only. Igor Stravinsky, Symphony in Psalms. Listen to Movement I only.

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