NBA: The Last Dance (Michael Jordan)

My objective of this paper is to enable you to demonstrate your understanding of the components of pop culture, and to gain a bit of mastery in one domain. This course will culminate in a final paper which will be a minimum of 8-9 typed pages using APA or MLA format. ALL INFORMATION MUST BE CITED Title page, reference page and any charts or graphics used in this paper are acceptable but will not contribute to the page count. You are to select a specific American Cultural Identifier, which is a vehicle that expresses our contemporary culture. These could include such things as TV, Movies, Books, Magazines, Paintings, Sculpture, Dance, Textile Fashion, Sports, Food, Music, anything that uniquely expresses our popular mainstream culture (NBA-TV Show- The Last Dance). I would like to keep this as contemporary as possible and work with information (other than historical) that is less than ten years old. Your paper will include, but not limited to: The historical origins of your identifier. Who are the common culture individual players, what makes them different and similar? What is its connection to mass culture? Movie review about your topic. How is it advertised or used in advertising? Identify and explain the symbols (2) of your topic Issues with class, gender, race or sexual preference bias for your topic or its market. How is it funded? What American values does it reflect? Current trends. In conclusion, what does it mean to you? Here is my quick 10 cent model of the template above: Topic: NASCAR History –no problem Players –Jeff Gordon, Kyle Bush. Mass Culture: I would talk about NASCAR NATION and what it’s comprised of. Movie Review- It would give me a chance to see Talladega Nights Advertising – Look at the cars, they are moving billboards for a million auto part, and this goes way beyond this, sponsorship, TV prime time etc. Symbols: Icon-Richard Petty, the NASCAR logo Issues- Women or African American drivers? Funded-Private, Auto makers etc. Values- American competition, it was about integrity but getting a little more wild west. Current trends- add more races to schedule. In conclusion, I have never watched NASCAR and all the above info was peripheral, I heard it from sportscast or news or newspaper. This paper should contain 8-9 pages with a minimum of six sources.

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