Non-financial Information in the Financial Statements

When you downloaded the annual report (financial statements) for Marks and Spencer did you notice how many pages there were? The financial statements for a PLC. contain more than just a Statement of Financial Position, Income Statement and ….. (Can you remember the other key financial reports?) There is also a lot of non financial information to allow investors and the other users of the financial statements to gauge the health of the organisation. In this activity you are going to develop an understanding of the  contents of the financial statements and consider how they supplement the financial information. Instructions: In order to complete this activity it would be helpful for you to have read the reading in Unit  2.11 Step 1 Review the non-financial information in the company you used to compare with Marks and Spencer PLC [Unit 2.10]. If the financial statements do not have non-financial information and you cannot find them online, use the non-financial information contained in the annual report for Marks and Spencer PLC. You do not need to read them in great detail, spend no more than 30 minutes looking at the non financial information, using the index and section headings to guide you to areas of interest to you. Step 2 On the discussion board, comment on three pieces of non-financial information that you find in the annual report and how this confirms or diverges from the information found in the financial part of the statements. Step 3 Respond to two classmates, you might want to comment on similarities and differences in the non-financial information you have found. Think about the reasons for the similarities and try to relate it to the stakeholders of the company you are looking at.

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