Nonverbal Communication

This order consists of 4 small essays. First essay questions: (approx 220 words) Answer one or more of these questions – Use both class content and real life: -Why is it that, typically, a man who is relaxed uses less gestures and a woman uses more? -Have you ever gotten in trouble for your body language? Why? -What bodily movements convey lasting impressions? (ie. in musical artists) -What movements convey the most information? Why? -How many hand gestures can you think of? -Consider Wallbott’s indicators or the Liking indicators. Are there any of these that you tend to use/show? Any that you use that have been misread in the past? Second essay questions: (Approx 220 words) -Answer one or more of these questions – Use both class content and real life: 1. Based on non-verbals alone, how would you tell if someone were anxious? Can you tell the difference between being anxious and lying? 2. Were you a parent, what non-verbal behaviours would you teach your child to work on, for, say, manners, attractiveness, assertiveness, and why? 3. How would you judge authenticity? 4. What are your most important display rules? 5. What are the toughest facial gestures to overcome? Why? Third essay questions: (Approx 165 words) Answer one or more of the questions below in 200 words or less -Discuss dominance eye movement. -How do we use eye movement to regulate conversation? -How do we use our eyes to get feedback? -What key truth-finding tactics would you use in real life, as related to eyes and lying behaviour? Fourth essay questions: (Approx 220 words) Watch Trudeau’s epic pause, and comment in minimum 200 words. Some questions to get you thinking: Is Trudeau pausing to consider his answer? Is there something else going on here? What is the significance of the pause? What other signs (from the separately posted checklist) do we see here? Is there anything comedic about this?

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