North Hollywood Bank Robbery

The cases cited above are some of the most important criminal events in American history. Each case has a unique aspect to it – investigative traits that will require you to conduct research to find out more about the event. Step 1: Your assignment is to pick one of the cases and provide an organized written summary using criminal investigative principles taught in this course. In your own words, write a reflective review of the main categories listed below. You should organize your research notes prior to drafting this assignment. Summarize using the below noted sub-topics categories. Each of the below sub-topics should be a minimum of 150 – 200 words (if possible), and the total final written project should be no less than 1,500 words: Introduction: Provide an introduction of the crime event and its impact. Government Response: Who investigated the crime? Did agencies have to coordinate? Crime Scene: Discuss unique aspects of the initial crime scene search, officer responsibilities, witness contacts, special needs, etc. Evidence Identification: Cite the types of evidence found, collection methods used, evidence handling concerns, etc. Follow-Up Field/Lab Services: What role did the crime lab play in your case? What lab analysis was most important? Legal Analysis: Specifically, what crimes were committed? What legal points impacted the case? When and how were suspect(s) arrested? Were search warrants used? Interviews/Interrogations: Were there interviews or interrogations conducted by police that had a major impact on the case? Did any suspect(s) confess/admit to criminal conduct? Witness Information: Identify important witnesses in the case. What role did they play to aid the case? Miscellaneous: Cite any unusual aspects of your case that were critical in aiding the government to solve the crime. Examine undercover, intelligence, and/or surveillance activities law enforcement used during the incident. I encourage you to use reputable outside sources to complete this assignment. Your research paper should be single-spaced, using Times or Times New Roman, 12-point font. Margins of your paper should be one-inch (1″) on all sides. Place the word count at the bottom of your last narrative page. Make sure to provide a reference page for each component of your research. Use APA formatting. Do not copy/regurgitate ideas from researched articles or other literary sources you find. Your job is to identify important concepts and/or principles that support your view and provide (in your own words) a comprehensive review of the categories listed above. You should take detailed notes and organize your notes prior to drafting your assignment. You may not use Wikipedia as a reference, but you may use it to give you a guide to search for relevant events that may be used in your paper. If you do this, make sure to find independent research on the topic. Your grade will be based on the following criteria: Use of proper format (i.e., single-spaced, Times or Times Roman, 12-point font, etc.) Sufficiency of information (Length: minimum 1,500 words for the final paper) Ability to explain important concepts/principles in each of the noted sub-topic areas Ability to synthesize information and demonstrate theme cohesion in your writing Ability to independently and accurately research and analyze relevant points Technical writing skills (spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc.) Ability to properly reference and cite credible literary sources Step 2: Please begin researching this project and organizing your notes starting. Your assignment is due Sunday.. MS WORD document. Research Paper Grading Rubric RESEARCH PAPER GRADING RUBRIC CATEGORY EXCELLENT Introduction/Thesis Well-written introduction grabs the interest of the reader and states topic. The thesis is exceptionally clear, arguable, and a definitive statement of the paper’s purpose. Quality of Findings/Research Information Writing greatly exceeds minimum word count. Thesis-focused. Paper is exceptionally researched, extremely detailed, and historically accurate. Strong, credible support. Support of Thesis/Analysis Exceptionally critical, relevant and consistent connections made between evidence and thesis. Excellent detail and analysis. Organization/Theme Cohesion/Conclusion Exceptionally clear, logical, and thorough development of thesis with excellent transitions within and/or between paragraphs. Organized sub-topic headings used. Excellent adherence to Academic Honesty Policy. Clear understanding of plagiarism rules. Writing Style/Mechanics Control of grammar, usage, and mechanics Word choice is specific, purposeful, dynamic and varied. Sentences are clear, active (subject-verb-object), and to the point. Almost entirely free of spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors. Paper Format Clear demonstration of proper paper format, including font, size, spacing, and margins. Works Cited/Bibliography Conforms to APA rules for formatting and citation of sources are clearly accurate. Entries entirely correct as to APA format.

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