NR 503 Week 7: Discussion- Presentation of Epidemiological Problem Abstrac Discussion

NR 503 Week 7: Discussion- Presentation of Epidemiological Problem Abstrac Discussion

NR 503 Week 7: Discussion – This week you will share your findings from your problem paper. You will write up an abstract summarizing your findings. Your abstract should consist of 100 to 500 words. Keep in mind that an abstract should summarize your research, including its key themes and problems and providing your major conclusions.

NR 503 Week 7: Discussion- Presentation of Epidemiological Problem Abstrac Discussion

The United State is spending close to $16 Billion dollars annually on sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) (Centers for Disease and Prevention [CDC], 2017). Southern states, like Georgia, sees a large number of syphilis cases. Surprisingly, there was once a time where syphilis was at its lowest and was on the verge of elimination.  Now, the rates of syphilis have doubled, causing an incidence rate in the U.S of 5.5 cases per 100,000 (CDC). Men have the highest prevalence. Their rates have continued to climb. Men who have sex with men or MSM are at the greatest risk and have the highest rates of syphilis with 15.6 per 100,000 or 88.9% of all U.S. cases (CDC, 2017). This has been termed a MSM epidemic. A rapid plasma regain (RPR) is the lab of chose to routinely screen for syphilis. Once diagnosed there are 3 main stages: primary, secondary, and latent. Treatment dosage varies but the treatment of choice is Penicillin Benzathine G given intramuscularly. Once there is a positive lab and confirmation lab, it must be reported by law to the state’s public health department. This is normally done by the laboratory and physician. There is an electronic system where this is transmitted through. After being reported, it is then used for surveillance. It is the goal of providers to help educate the community on syphilis awareness. Patients must be open to talk about their sex health with their providers. Three ways to work towards the goal of syphilis prevention are: to provide information and encourage safe sex, screen for all STDs, and lastly, treat the patient and notify their partners. These actions will limit the exposure and transmission of syphilis; therefore, decreasing the rates of syphilis in Georgia and the U.S.

NR 503 Week 7: Discussion Resource

Centers for Disease and Prevention (CDC). (2017). Sexually Transmitted Disease (STDs). Retrieved from


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