NR 507 Week 4 Discussions Alterations in Renal Function (Part 2)

NR 507 Week 4 Discussions Alterations in Renal Function (Part 2) Recent


Discussion Part Two


This week’s graded topics relate to the following Course Outcomes (COs).

1 Analyze pathophysiologic mechanisms associated with selected disease states. (PO 1)

2 Differentiate the epidemiology, etiology, developmental considerations, pathogenesis, and clinical and laboratory manifestations of specific disease processes. (PO 1)

3 Examine the way in which homeostatic, adaptive, and compensatory physiological mechanisms can be supported and/or altered through specific therapeutic interventions. (PO 1, 7)

4 Distinguish risk factors associated with selected disease states. (PO 1)

5 Describe outcomes of disruptive or alterations in specific physiologic processes. (PO 1)

6 Distinguish risk factors associated with selected disease states. (PO 1)

7 Explore age-specific and developmental alterations in physiologic and disease states. (PO 1, 4)

A 56-year-old female comes into the clinic complaining of intermittent severe pain that radiates from the flank to the groin and sometimes to the inner thigh. Upon further questioning she tell you that she has an urge to always go to the restroom and that she sometime sweats and feels nauseous. A urinalysis provides traces of blood, a few white blood cells and no bacteria.

• What is your differential diagnosis? Discuss in detail the pathophysiology of each item in your differential and how it might fit in describing this case.

• The x-ray comes back and there is nothing abnormal except a slightly dilated ureter. Does this change your differential or narrow it?

• How would you treat the pain in this case?


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