Nursing Leadership Discussion

Reply to each of the 2 discussions below. Responses should add to the discussions. Each response should be 1/2 page each with 1 source each.  #1 Response to Patricia F My resiliency score is 83  I have found that with any new job I feel unqualified and unprepared as I watch how existing members of the team seem to work so well together, and the job just seems to flow smoothly.  I believe that all the education in the world cannot compare to years of experience and knowledge of a company that current employees possess.  There is always a need for training from a qualified person. In my nursing career, I had this experience with my first job after graduating from nursing school.  I worked in a dialysis clinic.  It was not my first choice, but the market was flooded with nurses and it was hard to find a job.  The excitement and desire to become the best nurse I could evolve into took over and I jumped in with both feet determined to learn and grow.  Before I knew it, I had experience and growth within the dialysis clinic and became a charge nurse.  I contribute my success to the qualities I have that were identified by my resiliency score.  Some of the qualities I have that I tapped into are my strong work ethic, self-confidence, and empathy for others.  As a new healthcare leader, your role should be to put the right people in place, even if they are unqualified and ill-prepared, and provide them with everything they need to excel (Cockerell, 2008, p. 114).  The only requirement may be that the employee has a certification, for example, an accredited school for a registered nurse and carries an active license that is in good standing.  Employees that are willing to attend training classes and be oriented by a well-educated preceptor can become a qualified and well-prepared member of the team.  I believe my resiliency score helped me identify my skills in perception, intuition, and optimism that I believe are important to have in the leadership role.  Reference Cockerell, L. (2008). Creating magic: 10 common sense leadership strategies from a life at Disney. Doubleday.     #2 Response to Anthony R. Reflecting on your level of resilience discuss what you would do if you were faced with this situation or you had already experienced a similar situation in your healthcare career. Describe what you did to overcome this problem. After completing the resiliency quiz, I scored an 83, putting me at a level of very resilient!  The interpretation says that I am curious and constantly learning from my experiences, while also having the ability to adapt quickly. It says that I am also good at making lasting friendships, expressing my feelings and looking at things optimistically (Resiliency Quiz – How Resilient Are You?, n.d.). I feel that I faced a similar situation to Mr. Cockrell’s when I was introduced to my new intensive care unit for my internship program. I had only been a nurse for 7 months on an adult telemetry unit and had not quite prepared myself for what my new role would look like. Walking in I felt overwhelmed with all of the new technology, medications and medical terms being used around the unit. It felt like I had just graduated school all over again and I was a brand new nurse. Needless to say, I was not feeling very confident on that first day. To overcome these feelings, I just had to tell myself that this internship was an opportunity to learn my skills over time and under the supervision of a more experienced nurse. I also redirected my fears into an eagerness to dive in and work hard to learn as much as I could to help me become a better pediatric nurse.   Discuss how you would approach this situation as a new healthcare leader in your chosen field of practice. As a new healthcare leader I would approach this situation with as an opportunity for growth, knowing that there will be challenges along the way. I feel that approaching this situation with this outlook would help to diminish the stress and anxiety that I felt the first time I was introduced to my unit. Keeping a more open mind and setting myself up for the challenges that I know are ahead would have helped me to overcome them more quickly.   Discuss how your resiliency level impacted your response to the situation. Given my resiliency level, I feel that my intuition to ask a lot of questions along with my ability to adapt quickly helped me to navigate this internship. Throughout my 6 month internship I made sure to ask as many questions as I could, even if it meant writing them down for later. I would use any opportunity I could to ask these questions in the moment in order to understand their direct impact on the task I was completing. Doing this offered me the ability to adapt to my future experiences quickly and become more confident in my critical thinking skills. While there is no doubt that I had moments of fear and lack of self-confidence throughout my program, I believe my resiliency is what helped me to complete my program and become the nurse I am today. References: Resiliency Quiz – How Resilient Are You? (n.d.). Retrieved August 31, 2020, from

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