Organization Theory

Research Paper: In your paper, you will use the organization theory and organizational behavior literature to answer a question that interests you. The paper should be about 12 pages long (double-spaced, 12 pt. font, one-inch margins, Times New Roman font), not counting references.  References should be taken from google scholar with peer review  The purpose of the paper is for you to answer a question that’s relevant to the organizational theory/organizational behavior fields. These are huge fields, and so there are many relevant questions. One of my past students has, for example, asked the following question: Are privately run prisons more or less effective than publicly run prisons? Another example: Do performance pay systems work? That is, do they motivate employees to work harder (and better)?  Almost any question that has to do with organizational performance or individual work motivation and/or performance is fair game. And there are other non-performance related questions that would be acceptable—questions having to do with organizational structure, for instance. note: I already picked the question, I will add my first proposal to the files.

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