Osmosis in Sucrose Solutions

This is an introduction to a lab manual and has to be about 1.5 pages long single spaced. I am supposed to introduce the topic of choice which is the effects of osmosis in potatoes with different sucrose solutions.  Just talk about osmosis and its effects  in general and add the learning objectives that I added below. Make sure to use peer reviewed sources from scientific journals. Introduces a relevant biological concept (enzyme kinetics, etc) Provides appropriate background information to understand the introduced topic Includes a minimum of 3 Learning objectives: 1.     Develop qualitative and quantitative reasoning skills required for scientific inquiry, experimental design, and problem solving.  2.     Introduce a familiarity with some of the basic molecular techniques used for the study of cell and molecular biology.  3.     Use laboratory equipment and methods to produce meaningful and reproducible data. Introduces the experiment Key words are introduced At least 3 peer-reviewed sources  Correct citation format (APA citation format)

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