Compose a 500 words assignment on patagonia. Needs to be plagiarism free! Patagonia Inc. MGT 4302 In Assignment Tressa Bryan Give examples of how Patagonia is socially responsible with regard to making charitable contributions. According to the article entitled “Working Life (High and Low)” by Steve Greenhouse, Patagonia is an environmental clothing company who is deemed one of the more environmentally and socially responsible companies of the new century(Greenhouse, 2008). Patagonia is dedicated to contributing 1 percent of all their sales to environmental groups (Greenhouse, 2008). Since this initiative began in 1985, the company has donated over $40 million and has convinced several thousand for profit and not-for-profit businesses to donate 1 percent of their own sales as well(Patagonia). This movement is known as “One Percent for the Planet.” Give examples of how Patagonia gives back to society in the form of their day-to-day polices and operations. According to a Youtube video entitled “Patagonia Social Auditing,” this company has begun to make it a part of their policy to only do business with factories that provide humane treatment for their workers. They also place a great deal of emphasis on the idea of “social auditing” which is basically where the company consistently keeps itself apprised of the goings on at the places that make and produce their clothing. This is so that the company can provide transparency to its customers and investors who are showing more interest in the welfare of the people in these clothing factories. How has this corporation made its business both profitable and an agent of social change? This corporation has made itself profitable by providing well made clothes that the everyday customer can afford. Patagonia began with the idea of making environmentally safe clothes in the 1980’s which is many years before the green craze took over, so the company was able to develop a strong and consistent reputation. They make some of their clothes out of recycled material, donate money to environmental groups, and socially audit the factories that they work with in order to make sure that these businesses are treating workers properly. Additionally, in the article entitled “Working Life (High and Low),” the company can also be considered an agent of change in America as they are known to treat their employees well with good health care, easy access to child care, flexible schedules, etc(Greenhouse). References Greenhouse, Steven. “Working Life (High and Low) –” The New York Times – Breaking News, World News & Multimedia. N.p., n.d. Web. 17 June 2011. “Patagonia Environmentalism: 1% For The Planet® is an alliance of businesses.” Patagonia Outdoor Clothing, Apparel and Gear for Climbing, Hiking, Surfing, Running, Travel. N.p., n.d. Web. 17 June 2011. . YouTube “Patagonia Social Auditing” YouTube- Broadcast Yourself. Web. 17 June 2011. .

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