Penn Basic English lesson 2 Assignment

Penn Basic English lesson 2 Assignment

Penn Basic English lesson 2 Assignment

Question 1

1. In the statement, “Calvin sold his”, which sentence component is missing?

A. A subject

B. An object

C. A verb

D. A noun

Question 2

2. Choose the correct pronoun to complete this sentence: I hate to loan my books to people because they often forget to return _______.

A. them

B. us

C. it

D. me

Question 3

3. In the following sentence, which word is the antecedent?

Samuel looked all around the room for his shoes.

A. around

B. room

C. his

D. Samuel

Question 4

4. Which of these is the correct spelling for the plural form of deer?

A. Deers

B. Dear

C. Deer

D. Deeries

Question 5

5. The adjectives these and those should be used only with .. Penn Basic English lesson 2 Assignment

A. concrete nouns.

B. singular subjects.

C. simple subjects.

D. plural nouns.

Question 6

6. In which of the following sentences is the underlined word a possessive pronoun?

A. I gave her a gift for her birthday.

B. I would like you to listen to me.

C. We returned our books to the library.

D. You really should apologize to her.

Question 7

7. To form the plural of a noun ending in s, sh, ch, or x, you should add

A. ies.

B. es.

C. ves.

D. s.

Question 8

8. Which of the following singular nouns does not form an irregular plural?

A. ox

B. mouse

C. tooth

D. tree

Question 9

9. Which one of the following sentences contains an abstract noun?

A. Logic is easily understood.

B. She handed him the dishtowel.

C. The vase was quite expensive.

D. His smile could charm anyone.

Question 10

10. Which of the following provides the correct singular and plural noun?

A. Sheep ? sheeps

B. Child ? children

C. Woman ? womans

D. Moose ? meese

Question 11

11. Which one of the following words is an irregular noun plural?

A. Animals

B. Geese

C. Automobiles

D. Houses

Question 12

12. An object pronoun takes the place of a/an _______ in the object part of a sentence.

A. noun

B. verb

C. different pronoun

D. adjective

Question 13

13. Which one of the following sentences includes a possessive pronoun?

A. She stood up for people’s rights.

B. Its paws were caked in mud.

C. She will never agree to that.

D. He is a mighty opponent.

Question 14

14. Which of the following is a possessive pronoun?

A. Mine

B. You

C. They

D. Me

Question 15

15. What word in the following sentence is an adjective?

Jason’s sturdy ship sailed bravely across the wine-dark sea.

A. sturdy

B. across

C. bravely

D. sailed

Question 16

16. To answer this question, read the following sentence:

Because the animal shelter was filled with dogs and cats, the noise in the building was incredibly loud.

What is the subject in this sentence?

A. noise

B. animal shelter

C. dogs and cats

D. loud

Question 17

17. Which of the following is an example of a proper noun?

A. Region

B. Midwest

C. National map

D. Western states

Question 18

18. To answer this question, read the following sentence:

Dogs and cats filled the animal shelter and the noise they made was incredibly loud.

What is the pronoun in this sentence?

A. filled

B. they

C. made

D. and

Question 19

19. Which of the following sentences contains an abstract noun?

A. I hope that we are not late.

B. Respect must be earned.

C. She thought we should have left earlier.

D. They did a good job planning the party.

Question 20

20. Adjectives ________ nouns and pronouns.

A. replace

B. highlight

C. modify

D. emphasize, Penn Basic English lesson 2 Assignment


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